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As a confectioner, partner and distributor of light we offer ideas, individuality near serial production stage.
From 1 piece. Luminaires, cutting of stripes, profiles, pcb, confectioned cables, plugs...
In good trust because on an in many years established network of fine partners we offer much more than many high quality products to see in this shop.

Sustainability: responsible handling of resources, of course included in consultations for buying.

Experience in shop lighting, exhibition illumination, advertising, furniture, museum, industry, boat or caravan/camper car lighting. And much more than this.

Of course we have also a huge portfolio of standard products, immediately from our stock or in co-production with our partners in this region with fast, reliable delivery times.

Please talk to us for your special interest in lighting solutions, parts, projects.
...in our company in Mettingen in the northwest of Germany, closed to Münster and Osnabrück in a wonderful landscape called Tecklenburg forest hills.
Mettinger Feldweg
If you want to know more about, please click the pictures or better: call us, take a look. Better speak to us before a visit to get the optimal time for a meeting.
Addicted from making an appointment it's also possible to meet in the evening or at the weekend.

Tel. +49 (0) 5452-9188 53 or  per Mail: info@simpLED.de

simpLED - Lösungen mit Licht
Inh. Matthias Keller
Markt 12
D - 49497 Mettingen
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